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Book train tickets in France

Eurail rail pass

France is one of the 28 countries covered by the Eurail rail pass. Although there is no single country Eurail pass available for France, France is included in the Eurail global pass and the Eurail Select Pass covers travel in France and neighbouring countries.


The Eurail pass is not available to European residents. If you live in Europe you can buy the similar Interrail pass.

Eurail Select rail passes

If your trip is focusing on France and a neighbouring country then a Eurail Select pass for France is a good deal.

Two-country Eurail Select passes are available for the following country pairs: Benelux and France, Germany and France, Italy and France, Spain and France plus Switzerland and France.

Pricing depending on which country you buy your rail pass. Click the buttons below for pricing information on different Eurail Select two-country rail passes:

Countries do not need to be connected by land borders to be considered neighbouring countries as long as there is a ferry connection that is included in the Eurail pass. For this reason both France and Ireland are considered neighbouring countries.

The Eurail Select Benelux and France pass is great option as it actually covers travel in four countries as Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg) is treated as a single country.

Eurail Select passes give you a choice of four, five, six, eight or 10 travel days within a two-month period.

It is also possible to add additional neighbouring countries to a Eurail Select pass, which is ideal for a longer trip.

More information about Eurail Select passes

Eurail Select passes are a flexible travel option that let you explore two, three or four neighbouring European countries.

Click here for Eurail Select pass country combinations and pricing

Eurail Global Passes

If you’re making a big European trip, then a Eurail Global Pass may be your best option. This rail pass gives you unlimited rail travel in 28 European countries (also including many ferry services).

This pass is available as both the standard Global pass with consecutive travel (where you can travel every single day that your pass is valid) as well as a Flexi pass (where you have a set number of travel days within a longer period).

The standard Global pass is good for either 15 days, 22 days, one month, two months or three months. The Eurail Global Flexipass is valid for either five travel days in a one month period, seven travel days within a one month period, 10 travel days within a two month period or 15 travel days within a two month period.

A longer standard Eurail Global pass can work out very good value for a long trip where you travel by train almost every day, although you will need another holiday after three months of daily rail travel.

More information about Eurail Global passes

The Eurail Global Pass may be your best option for a longer trip covering multiple countries. This pass covers unlimited rail travel in 28 European countries (also including many ferry services).

Click here for Eurail Global pass pricing

How many travel days do you need?

The best value way to use these rail passes is to first work out your itinerary and use the booking engine at the top of this page to work out both the cost per journey and the cost per day. Then find the appropriate Eurail pass and work out the cost per day and buy a pass with enough travel days to cover only the days where the rail pass will save you money and book tickets separately on days where individual tickets work out cheaper.

For instance; a 10-day Eurail Select pass may work out at USD $47.30 per day (around EUR €44 per day). In this scenario, you will buy a rail pass to cover travel only on those days where the individual cost of tickets for that day works out higher than €44.

You need to allow for the cost of seat reservation fees (which vary between €9 and €18) that are charged to Eurail pass holders for high-speed TGV trains when working out which pass is right for you.

In most instances days where you are only making short regional trips and days where you travel on high-speed TGV trains (as long as you book in advance to get the cheapest fare) will be cheaper purchased as individual tickets; but travel on long-distance trains that are not high-speed (intercités) and longer regional journeys (particularly trips covering several regions) usually work out cheaper using a rail pass.

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